Turning of the Leaves
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The Fall is a beautiful time of year in the Hudson Valley. Starting around mid-September, you can see the leaves change into a range of colors. There are many wonderful vantage points to see a multitude of changing leaves. You can look at BellaOnline’s “Top 10 Best Places to see the Leaves in the Hudson Valley,” for a good list of places to go and how to get there. Among these places are the “Hawk’s Nest Drive” on route 97, which is an official New York scenic route or the route 84 Westbound overlook, which allows you to see 3 states from one vantage point.
            You can find a few more suggestions of where to go with a little more detail on HV/Net’s Fall Foliage Guide. This guide also has a map identifying when the peak times of the year for the changing of the leaves is. For the Beacon area, the peak is around the end of October.
            If you’re interested in seeing certain colors or identifying the trees by their leaves, you may be interested in On-Hudson’s “Fall Foliage Leaf Guide.” While this guide is for the entire state, it does give you a good idea of what leaves you will be seeing.
            The Hudson Valley is home to many beautiful sights. During the Fall it is a particular treat to be able to see the magnificent colors of the leaves.

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