The Dia, Part 2
Blog Image There are currently a number of engaging exhibitions to explore at
Dia:Beacon. One exciting exhibition is Zoe Leonard’s You see I am here after all. Leonard’s work is part of a series of projects at Dia:Beacon that were commissioned by younger artists in response to either pieces in the museum’s collection or the museum’s location. You see I am here after all is a collection of four thousand vintage post cards of the Niagara Falls. The post cards are arranged into groups according to which vantage point of the Niagara Falls they show and these groups are placed in the order each vantage point occurs along the falls, creating the effect of a panoramic view.

            Also on display is Imi Knoebel’s 24 Farben-für Blinky (24 Colors-for Blinky). This piece was created in 1977 after the death of Knoebel’s close friend Blinky Palermo. Palermo was known for his use of color and Knoebel had only used black and white in his pieces until the creation of 24 Colors-for Blinky. This piece is a series of polygons that have been eschewed from a shape that might be familiar to most audiences. The colors were then added in a way that is a-typical for how one might use color, making its presence as abstract as the polygons it has been applied to.

Dia:Beacon has several rotating exhibitions to accompany its galleries. Recently the museum did a series of film screenings of Antoni Tàpies’ The Resources of Rhetoric. Currently you can also see Sol LeWitt’s Drawing Series. Be sure to keep an eye on the exciting exhibitions the museum has to offer as well as its many works on long-term view.
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