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Hudson Valley Magazine of Hudson Valley N.Y, recently decided to examine some of the schools in the Hudson Valley. They looked at a bunch of data including the State report cards given to each of the schools. An impressing figure of 65 schools had shown improvement from the previous year. The following four districts were named in the States “High Performing/Gap Closing” List which is a plus for all of those who own real estate in Dutchess County. Dutchess County is located just north of Orange County and the town of Highland Falls. Great schools are a huge plus for Dutchess County real estate values, the phenomenal schools and short commute to New York City make it a very desirable place to live in.

Beacon High Schools principal Tony DiMarco is very proud of the schools extremely popular forensic science course. He jokes that it is similar to an episode of C.S.I. The school also offers many accelerated college type courses to prepare its students for the next step in their educational journey, college. Beacon High School has partnered with Dutchess County Community College to offer these accelerated classed. Principal DiMarco also has himself as well as his faculty very much involved in his students day to day activities. His faculty frequent the halls and talk with the students, and any tardy student speaks with Principal DiMarco directly. Accountability is something Principal DiMarco values, and his accountability is very prevalent in his schools stellar ratings.

Washingtonville High School has a little bit different approach than Beacon High when it comes to preparing its students for college. They have students stay in class for 82 minutes because principal Michael Rossi seems to feel it will better pre-pare the students for longer classes and lectures what will be encountered in college. This time of scheduling is called “block scheduling.” Principal Rossi seems to feel that these longer class sessions really give students and teachers more time to “dig deep” into the subject. Washingtonville has also had some well known alumni as well. Tony Gilroy, who wrote screenplays for the Bourne Trilogy as well as actor Mel Gibson were student at Washingtonville at one point. This years honor society students will also host a special prom for senior citizens that is held at the schools cafeteria and is free of charge. Principal Rossi seems to have not only bred smart students but also ones with large hearts.

Germantown High School is located in a more rural part of Dutchess County. there are 606 students here and they are their all they was from kindergarten to the 12th grade. Germantown does have Advanced Placement classes. The school does have an agreement with Columbia-Greene Community College where student can take classes at the high school for both high school and college credits, at a fractional cost of college. The school is also planning an online program where students can take elective courses that are not taught in person at the school. The school is very parent-child oriented they have several parents, visiting days and also interestingly the parents have to pick up their child’s first report card because it will not be mailed home.
            Brewster High School has about 1,200 students and 110 teachers and support staff. The school recently announced that 65 Brewster High students received AP scholar status by the College Board on the Advance Placement exams. According to the school only 18 percent of the 1.7 million students who take the exams score in this percentile. Also, the school has a program in which the older students mentor and assist the younger students, which is good for both because it teaches certain communication skills that can not be taught with a book or lecture. Kieran Stack is an assistant principal at Brewster High explains that in the last decade they started a marching band and since its founding 10 years ago the band has been featured in New York City’s St.Patricks Day Parade. Out of all the Hudson Valley homes for sale these great school ratings plus the short commute to Danbury and New York City make Dutchess County a wonderful choice for families to reside.

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