Restaurants and Eateries in Beacon New York
Blog Image Beacon New York features a plethora of all different type of restaurants. Everything from Southern BBQ to Thai food is available for your taste buds enjoyment. Majority of the restaurants are located on Main St. and Fishkill Ave. We’ll start with the most interesting one historically as well as my personal favorite, The Piggy Bank. Its probably no surprise that it’s a Southern BBQ restaurant given the name, although there is more to it than just because of what’s on their menu. The building was a bank from 1900 tom 1980 and when the restaurant was put there they decided to keep the vault there. On the side of the amazing restaurant one can see the four ton vault door. So between the main entrees being from pigs and the vault the name “The Piggy Bank” couldn’t be any more appropriate. On another front there is Sukhothai restaurant which serves Taiwanese food. They offer a menu that is filled with scrumptious Thai cuisine. They have anything from traditional dishes such as Pad Thai and Som Tam to custom dished that have been created by Sukhothai’s chef. Each of their entrees is spiced to the customers liking using a scale of 1-5. All entrees are made fresh with nothing being pre-prepared. They use the freshest seafood, meat, and vegetables. The Sukhothai Restaurant is located in a brick building that was originally built in 1818, which is only appropriate for the very historically rich city of Beacon. They even kept the original brick walls in the building and added a ton of Thia art, which is only appropriate for the very art rich city of Beacon. The Dia-Beacon is located not too far from the Sukhothai Restaurant. Between Sukhothai’s owner and master chef they have 24 years of combined experience in the Thai restaurant business. The owner has managed 4 to 5 star restaurants in Thailand so he has unbeatable first hand experience and knowledge in this industry. Sukhothai’s master chef has won numerous awards for culinary skills, which makes Sukhothai Restaurant a must place to eat dinner. Next we have Brother’ Trattoria which is located on the historical Main St just a few minutes away from the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge. It is no surprise I’m sure that Brother’s Tratorria serves Italian cuisine. The phenomenal food and terrific ambience makes the diner feel as if he or she was in an upscale New York City restaurant. Brothers Trattoria features unique Northern Italian Cuisine. The restaurant has 3 rooms available for dining as well as the “Pizza Room” where on can order hot and cold heroes, pizza, salads, and entrees. Brothers just recently added a lounge area with a bar and fireplace which is used fro dining and catering parties. The main dining has an Old World Tuscany feel with the charm and grace that makes the patron feel like they were literally dinning in Northern Italy. With such a wide variety of restaurants and eateries in Beacon there is something for everyone and every culture. So when in Beacon in between browsing art, going to parks, hot air ballooning, fishing, camping, or anything in between one can rest assured that they will not be doing it on an empty stomach.
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