Activities in Beacon New York
Blog Image There are many activities to do in Beacon, New York. From museums to golf courses and historic sites to river kayaking time sure will fly by when in Beacon. With it just being a short commute from Manhattan it is the perfect location! One of Beacons main attractions is the Dia Beacon, a huge museum in a building that was once a factory for manufacturing Nabisco boxes. Inside there is a massive collection of art from 1960 to present time. All of the art housed there is owned by the Dia Foundation. The building itself is right above the river bank which makes it grounds the perfect place for a picnic before going into the Dia. Not far from the Dia is Hudson Beach Glass which features daily glassblowing shows. There are plenty of art galleries in the area as well historic main street is a very popular stop for those interested in art. Also on Main Street is 20th Century Fox Antiques, featuring a plethora of antiques from hard to find clocks to board games and dolls. Also on Main Street one can find the Howland Cultural Center which houses the historical records of the area. The Mount Gulian Historic Site is also a great place to visit. The site is a reconstructed 18-th century plantation which features a 1740’s Dutch barn! The Mount Gulian Historic Site was also the home base for General Von Steuben during the Revolutionary War. One of my personal favorite activities offered here is hot air ballooning. Blue Sky Balloons offers both morning and afternoon trips. Picture yourself on a gorgeous summer day in a hot air balloon over the beautiful Hudson Valley, what could beat that? That is a trip a child will remember for the rest of their life! With sweeping Hudson River Valley views this is sure to be an amazing adventure. From the stunning river valley to the exuberant foliage and mountain views this is one trip that requires a camera. For those afraid of heights there is the phenomenal Riverfront Park. Perfect romantic place for a picnic with some peace and quiet. Go for a hike along the river or just relax and enjoy the serenity. Dennings Point Park is another beautiful park which is part of Hudson Highlands State Park. Dennings Point Park is the most northern part of the park. Its 100 acres are ideal for camping, fishing, hiking, and just enjoy the great outdoors. Getting a campsite along the Hudson River is ideal for fishing and is also the most peaceful. If camping and fishing in the river aren’t enough one can take it to the next level by going to Hudson valley Pack and Paddle, they have kayaks and canoes and offer a variety of lessons to teach customers the best and most scenic way to navigate the Hudson River. Also, here is Bannerman Castle which is on Pollepel Island in the Hudson River, Pride op the Hudson cruise will take you on trips to view the castle. Another river activity is the Woody Guthrie Sloop, an old wooden sailboat replica that sails from July to October, Monday through Friday.
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